Congregation Map

Find out which Church of God congregations and organizations are in your area with the Church of God Network congregation map! If you would like to attend a congregation listed on this map, please reach out to the local contact about service times and ask permission as a courtesy. Additional church organizations are listed in our "Resources" section. Some of these churches may not list their congregations publicly, but may be open to visits if you reach out to them directly.

If you are a leader of a Church organization or an independent small group and would like to be added to this congregation map, please contact us.

Disclaimers: All congregations listed on our map are either publicly available online or we have obtained permission from leadership of that congregation. Congregations don’t always contain complete address information (these are plotted randomly in their city on the map – not in the exact location). In those cases, you’ll need to reach out to the contact person listed to obtain specific location information.

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