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    Here’s a list of some resources I use in my bible studies and they’ve helped me so much. I really recommend giving them a try.

    naves topical bible

    Strongs exhaustive concordance

    NRSV Bible translation for grammatical exposition


    YouVersion Bible

    ryan shaw


    that is a free interlinear bible program. In my opinion it is the most useful software if you like looking at the original greek and hebrew for study.  Way faster to use than blue letter bible’s website.

    I would say the blue letter bible app for the phone is second best.

    but make sure it get ISA2

    The new one is incomplete (until they release the pro version of it).


    Adding a few more resources, my all time favorite as of late is Logos Bible Software. Highly recommend as it has thousands of hyperlinked resources to choose from. Countless translations, books, devotionals, commentaries, exgetical documents, cross referencing resources, greek and hebrew lexicons, etc. all in one application (Not everything is free though).


    If you’re looking for good biblically based sermons on youtube I really enjoy listening to Tim Warner of 4windsfellowship. Here is a link to his channel


    Another youtuber I really enjoy listening to is attila kakarott here is his channel as well


    “Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge” compiles related scriptures to one another. A personal favorite of mine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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