Member of Sabbath Coordinating Committee

Apply to be a member of a Sabbatarian coordinating committee

Since the 1990s some members have been holding seminars, writing articles and books or using their gifts and talents in some way. However, in many cases their talents are not able to be used due to lack of funds or lack of opportunities.

To this end the History Research Projects Foundation has been established based in the USA.

Assistance with that project, as well as becoming a member of a committee that helps with building bridges with other organizations and provides guidance to projects and seminars etc., is requested.

What needs to be done:

  1. A committee will be formed comprising 4-6 members.
  2. It will meet around 2-3 times a year (including via Zoom).
  3. A Terms of Reference will be drafted to guide what we do.
  4. The committee should provide guidance and seek ways to help those in need utilize their gifts and talents; organize annual educational Bible seminars; or anything else we can think of over time.
  5. The committee should establish stronger links with other organizations to leverage what they can offer.

All of this crosses Church of God boundaries and facilitates networking among the members regardless of affiliation. It is, of course, not another small church, but a service and a help.

Anyone, whether based in Australia or overseas, can apply to become a member of this committee. To apply, please contact Craig White (