01 Jan 2024

4 Year Anniversary of the COG Development Program!

Happy 4 year anniversary to our COG Development program! The program’s purpose is to help brethren in developing countries start successful, profitable and sustainable businesses, or obtain training or education for jobs that will provide a reliable source of income. This is done through micro grants that will help pay for the training or education, or the start-up costs associated with a new business (inventory, equipment, fees, etc.).

Our belief is that helping brethren build capacity is more impactful than providing temporary assistance. The nonprofit sector, as a whole, is realizing that we too often treat those we seek to help as objects of our charity rather than people who are heroes of their own stories. At Church of God Network, we see our grantees as partners and work with them to help make their goals a reality!

In 2023, the COG Development Program awarded 5 grants to brethren in 5 different countries: Jamaica, Ghana, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, and Kenya.

We’re excited to announce more grantees in 2024! For now, check out our “Previous Grantees” page to learn more about what brethren around the world are working toward. If you or someone you know would like to apply for a Church of God Network grant, please apply here!