17 Apr 2024

COG Development Program grantee: Francisco Solórzano

Help us congratulate our newest COG Development Program grantee: Francisco Solórzano

Francisco is a member of the United Church of God in Guatemala who decided to start a new volunteer program to teach English as a second language to young people in local COG congregations in his country. During the pandemic, when distance learning began to gain popularity, his program reached more students in the country side and in the capital city.

He learned English in the late eighties when he studied a vegetable production program post grad in Japan. Over the years, Francisco designed a teaching program strategy to learn English more quickly. His motivation was to give back, in some way, the benefits he received from learning this language. He is currently a writer and translator for the publications of the United Church of God.

Francisco will be using his grant funds to cover the creation and preparation of audiovisual materials, (including videos and interactive presentations) as well as to cover internet service and other operational expenses necessary for the running of the classes.