17 Aug 2023

Fantastic Fellowship Weekend Across the US!

The weekend of August 4th through 6th was one of the most encouraging weekends in recent memory! Three separate cross-organizational fellowship events occurred simultaneously! Even more promising was the fact that all three were openly promoted. One was in Oregon, one was in upstate New York, and the third was the Ephesians 4 Project grantee event in Northern California.

The Northern California event was hosted by CGN Grantee James Navarro. James used his grant to host a BBQ in Northern California in

 collaboration with the United Church of God (UCG), Church of God, A Worldwide Association (COGWA), and Church of God, the Father’s Call (COGtfc). The event was a huge success and had over 100 attendees with a wide range of ages present.

Thank you to James, and everyone who made the California fellowship BBQ possible!

We look forward to seeing even more of these fellowship events in the years to com

e! If you or someone you know hosts, or would like to host, a fellowship event, check out CGN’s Ephesians 4 Project. Or if you’re not interested in funding, but would like us to showcase the event on our website and social media, reach out to us via our Contact Us page.