16 Jan 2023

New Grantee! Meet Isis and Katie Macaraeg

We are very happy to announce our next recipient of the COG Development Program: Isis Macaraeg. She is from Davao City, Philippines and is a member of Church of God Philippines. Isis is using her grant funds for her daughter Katie’s school fees. Katie has cerebral palsy and is enrolling in a special needs school. She is 8 years old and schooling has helped her become more social, active, and self-aware.

Please join us in praying for Katie’s continued success!


A message from Isis Macaraeg:

Charlene Kate, fondly known as Katie, was born with cerebral palsy. The cerebral palsy has caused her to have an intellectual and physical disability in which the right side of her body becomes stiff thus she can’t speak clearly and walk properly.

But even with this, Katie remains to be curious, loving, and a bright child. Her disability has not stopped her from garnering awards and accolades from her school and from the church. She is a fighter and continues to face life full of determination – especially knowing that God will never forsake her.


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