The 1% Initiative

Church of God Network is looking for everyone to join the effort to heal our divisions and work toward building a sense of community within the Church of God! One important way organizations and congregations can get involved is through participating in the 1% Initiative.

We are asking for organizations and/or congregations to commit 1% of their operating budgets each year to community building work in the Church of God. Or participants can partner with another Church of God organization to SAVE 1% of their expenses through shared services and/or resources.

There are many ways to allocate funds to participate in the 1% Initiative! Some examples include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Organizing cross-organizational activities, events, Feast sites, or Church services.
  2. Dedicating staff time of a paid employee(s) to building relationships across groups.
  3. Partnering with another Church of God organization or congregation to save on staff time, travel, hall costs, or other administrative costs.
  4. Donating to, or partnering with, organizations like Church of God Network, Friends of the Sabbath, FeastGoer, or others who are already dedicated to doing cross-organizational fellowship work.

Once we confirm with an organization (or congregation) that they are allocating at least 1% of their budget, we will list them (along with all participating organizations) on our 1% Initiative Participants page as a thank you for their participation and an encouragement for others to do likewise!

While this initiative is primarily for Church of God organizations, individuals are free to participate on their own as well. Imagine the change we could affect if we all dedicated 1% of our time and budgets to building community and connecting with brethren!


See who has already signed on to the 1% Initiative