The 1% Initiative

Church of God Network invites everyone to be part of the effort to mend divisions and foster a sense of community within the Church of God. Organizations and congregations can play a vital role by participating in the 1% Initiative: a commitment to dedicating 1% of your operating budget to the mission of building community.

Here’s how you can get involved!

Commitment Options:

  1. Allocate 1% of Operating Budgets: Allocate 1% of your organization or congregation’s annual operating budget to community building initiatives within the Church of God.
  2. Partner for Savings: Collaborate with another Church of God organization to SAVE 1% of expenses through shared services and resources.

Some Ways to Participate:

  • Organize Cross-Organizational Activities: Plan joint events, Feast sites, or Church services involving multiple organizations.
  • Dedicate Staff Time: Allocate the time of paid employee(s) to build relationships across groups.
  • Partnership for Savings: Team up with another Church of God organization to save on staff time, travel, hall costs, or administrative expenses.
  • Support Existing Initiatives: Donate to or partner with organizations like Church of God Network, Friends of the Sabbath, FeastGoer, or others dedicated to cross-organizational fellowship work.

Participation doesn’t necessarily mean donations to Church of God Network; organizations can choose how to allocate their 1% commitment.

Once an organization commits at least 1% of its budget, we’ll proudly feature them on our 1% Initiative Participants page, acknowledging their contribution and encouraging others to follow suit!

While primarily aimed at Church of God organizations, individuals are also welcome to participate independently. Imagine the transformative impact if we all dedicate 1% of our time and budgets to building community and connecting with brethren!


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