23 Sep 2020

CGN Welcomes Two New Board Members

Join us in welcoming Chantelle West and Tim Reynolds to our Board of Directors! Both are wonderful people who are passionate about their personal conversions and are excited to work to build community within the Church of God. They bring diverse skillsets and unique perspectives to Church of God Network and we are thrilled to have them aboard.


Chantelle West was raised in Texas where she works as a professional portrait photographer and freelance content creator for small businesses in her local area. She is a story teller and people-person at heart.

COGWA Fort Worth is her beloved home congregation of 25 years, but she also loves frequenting other organizations/congregations to maintain and build relationships with brethren across the Church of God as a whole.



Tim Reynolds graduated in 2013 from Park University in Parkville, Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Geography. He currently works as a product engineer at Ramsey Solutions where they build products that deliver financial education and hope to millions of people across the country.

Tim was baptized in 2007 and primarily attends the Nashville, TN congregation of the Living Church of God, where he serves in music. He is passionate about connecting with and promoting unity among the God’s people.



About the Author

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