CGN Local Contacts

Become a CGN Local Contact!

Want to get involved and help CGN build community? Here’s something you can do! CGN Local Contacts are individuals who have a passion for meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ and want to assist Church of God Network in our mission. These contacts will make it their goal to visit other Church of God congregations and be the go to contact for CGN in their area.

CGN Local Contact Responsibilities & Guidelines

  1. Periodically visit other COG groups
    Periodically visit the other Church of God organizations in your area. Always contact them ahead of time to ask permission to visit and obtain input from your home congregation minister to determine when visiting is best (prioritize your home congregation responsibilities).
  2. Do NOT cause division
    When you visit, avoid arguments, controversial beliefs/doctrines, and other things that cause division amongst brethren.
  3. Work WITH not against leadership
    When you visit another congregation, respect the authority that is in place. Keep in mind that you are a guest in their congregation.
  4. Serve
    Find any way to help out and serve that you can! There are always things to do and we’re sure the places you visit will value your willingness to assist them in whatever is needed.
  5. Make friends!
    Learn about your brothers and sisters in the places you visit. Make friends, develop meaningful relationships, and enjoy yourself!
  6. Keep your eyes and ears open for ways CGN can help in your area
    Keep abreast of what is going on in your area, maintain relationships with brethren and ministers, and know who to contact in your area for information or assistance.
  7. Be available for periodic phone/Zoom calls with the CGN team