COG Development Program

The mission of the COG Development Program is to empower brethren in developing countries to kickstart successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses or pursue education and training for income-generating jobs. We achieve this through micro grants designed to cover training/education costs or the initial expenses of launching a new business, such as inventory, equipment, and fees. The average grant is approximately $1,000.

Recipients can apply multiple times, but once awarded, they become ineligible for another grant.

The best part? The grant money is a gift, not a loan! We only request recipients to provide an update within 6 months to share progress, fostering responsibility, accountability, and gratitude.

As a successful business or job is the ultimate goal, we encourage recipients to consider a voluntary donation back to the fund, contributing to others in need!

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Grant applications are reviewed quarterly, with deadlines as follows:

  • Quarter 1 – March 31
  • Quarter 2 – June 30
  • Quarter 3 – September 30
  • Quarter 4 – December 31

Join us in making a difference, one grant at a time!

Grant Application Form

    If applying for a Business Grant:

    If applying for an Educational Grant: