How YOU Can Help

Want to make a difference?

Here’s how you can help Church of God Network build a stronger, more connected community within the Church of God. Your involvement means the world to us, and there are many ways you can support our mission:

TIER 1 – Simple Ways to Help

  1. Like, Follow, & Subscribe
    Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, podcast platforms, & our Newsletter. Likewise, invite your friends to follow us on these platforms too. Every follow and like helps us reach more brethren!
  2. Share & Engage with Content
    Engage with our posts and share them with your friends. Your support helps spread the word and get information in front of more brethren. Every share makes a difference!
  3. Participate in our Annual #FeastTogether Campaign
    Every year Church of God Network has its #FeastTogether campaign on social media. Use thehashtag #FeastTogether on social media during the Feast to show unity with your brothers and sisters worldwide. Participate in our daily themes and share your Feast experiences.
  4. Change Your Approach
    Let’s talk and act like the one family we are. Remind each other that our brethren are spread across many groups and pray for them, especially in times of crisis. Concern yourself with the goings on of other organizations as well. Are brethren in other groups in crisis? Is another organization struggling with a trial?
  5. Pray
    Pray for guidance, inspiration, and strength, not only for Church of God Network, but for all Church of God organizations and the entire Body of Christ. Your prayers are powerful and deeply appreciated.
  6. Donate
    We rely on the generosity of passionate individuals like you. Every donation helps us build community within the Church of God. Church of God Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization your support is tax-deductible and profoundly impactful.

TIER 2 – Get More Involved

  1. Create Reels for Church of God Network
    Share your story! Send us short videos about what you love about CGN, how it has impacted you, or why you chose to donate. Personal testimonials are powerful and we’d love to hear from you. Or you don’t need to even mention CGN! You can talk about why you love fellowshipping with brethren, tell us about how you were called, or ask a question you want brethren to answer.
  2. Submit a blog
    We’re always looking for fresh perspectives. If you have a story or insight to share, submit a blog (up to 2,000 words) for our website. We’re excited to read and possibly feature your work!
    Please note, not all blogs are accepted, but we would love to read yours and consider it!
  3. Apply to or Share Our Programs
    Know someone who could benefit from our grant programs? Apply or spread the word about our Ephesians 4 Project, COG Development Program, and Within Your Gates. Get involved and help make a difference!

TIER 3 – Deepen Your Commitment

  1. Cultivate Relationships Across Groups
    Build and nurture relationships across different Church of God organizations. Whether it’s rekindling previous friendships, maintaining current ones, and/or making new ones, these connections are at the heart of our mission and your efforts can create lasting bonds.
  2. Become a CGN Local Contact
    Be a local ambassador for CGN. Help us connect with more members and ministers in your area and make a meaningful impact. Your local presence is invaluable. You’ll be the go-to person for CGN in your area, and an integral part of the expansive international network we’re building to serve and connect the Church of God family.
  3. Join A Volunteer Team
    Data Team: Help maintain our congregation map and COG Resource Center and assist with special research projects as needed.
    Marketing & Outreach Team: Assist with marketing, SEO, image creation, and copywriting.
    Fundraising Team: Support our fundraising efforts.
    COG Services Team: Help administer our offering of free web services for Church of God organizations and individuals.

Ready to join us in this mission? Contact us to see how you can help, and let’s build a stronger, more connected Church of God community together!