Within Your Gates

A key component to building community is having an attitude of service toward that communityWhether it’s within the Church of God or our local communities, it’s important that we come together to love and serve others.

Within Your Gates is a program designed to promote, facilitate, and fund work parties while also serving as a powerful catalyst for connection across Church of God organizations!

We are looking to help fund work parties for brethren and/or individuals in local communities. These work parties must involve brethren from multiple different Church of God organizations. Work parties can consist of things like

redoing the roof of a widow within your congregation or helping a local family repair damage to their house resulting from a natural disaster.

If you know of someone in need in a local Church of God congregation or someone in your local community and are wanting to lead a work party for that person, please apply for a Within Your Gates grant!

If you can lead a work party, but are searching for willing labor, skill, material, and funding to execute the work party, contact WithinYourGates@ChurchofGodNetwork.org and we’ll work to share our network to connect YOU with the skills and resources to help people within your gates whenever the need arises!

Application Form: