Chantelle Reynolds is a 4th generation Christian in the Church of God and was baptized by her dad (a local elder) in the Spring of 2016. She was homeschooled + raised in the DFW, Texas metroplex and though she wasn’t born in the Lone Star State, still maintains to be a proud native nonetheless! She’s a professional portrait photographer/videographer, resident goofball, lover of deep + vulnerable conversations and a people-person at heart.

Chantelle recently got married to fellow board member, Tim Reynolds (a special thanks CGN for introducing us 💙) & now lives with her husband in the Nashville, Tennessee area where they attend the local Living Church of God congregation together. In addition to this, Chantelle also loves visiting with brethren from other orgs/congregations to maintain and build relationships across the Church of God as a whole!

In her off time, you can find her studying psychology, experimenting in the kitchen, hanging out with her dear friends/family and exploring her new city.