Within Your Gates

A key component to building community is having an attitude of service toward that community. It’s important that we come together to love and serve each other!

Within Your Gates is a program designed to marshal the resources and manpower of THE ENTIRE Church of God to come to the aid of brethren (and local communities) in times of need. The program has two core functions:

  1. To keep the Church of God at large informed as to the critical needs faced by brethren and communities worldwide, and;
  2. To connect brethren looking to serve with the Church of God organizations already responding to needs on the ground.

Within Your Gates focuses primarily (but not solely) on the following situations:

Disaster Relief

Recovery from hurricanes, tornados, flooding, or other weather-related events.

Emergency Response

Assisting in searches for missing persons, the recovery after a criminal act, responding to extreme poverty, helping areas affected by conflict, or other related emergencies.

Aiding Brethren in Need

This can come in many forms. The widow who can no longer mow her lawn. The student struggling to pass a math class who cannot afford a tutor. The young person who feels lost and could use some direction from a mentor. The isolated person whose loneliness could be softened with a pen pal. The family who just lost the head of their household and is struggling to get on their feet, let alone take care of funeral expenses.

Ways you can help!

Sign-up to be a Within Your Gates Volunteer

Within Your Gates Volunteers are people looking to serve brethren and their local communities in some capacity. Whether it’s donating, showing up in person to share your skills, or even traveling to assist in an effort, click “Can Lend a Hand” below to sign up! If you’re not sure how to be of service, and need ideas, you can also view our directories of available services and service opportunities that are linked to at the bottom of the page. That being said, putting “not sure” under what skills you can provide is completely fine too!

Help us stay informed

Do you know of an individual or group of people in need assistance? Do you know of a Church of God organization working to respond to needs on the ground? Tell us about it by clicking “Can Use a Hand” below.