19 Aug 2019

Welcome to the Church of God Network!

Our Mission: To help build community within the Church of God by facilitating connection, centralizing information, and sharing resources.

Our Vision: A cohesive and dynamic Church of God community with frequent fellowship, open communication, and active cooperation between members and staff of the various Church of God organizations.

The Church of God Network (CGN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building community within the Church of God. It is important to note that CGN is not a church nor is it a membership organization that individuals and Churches join. It is a resource for God’s people. CGN advances its mission through 1) creating ways to connect with other Church of God members regardless of organizational affiliation; 2) centralizing information to increase access; and 3) facilitating the sharing of resources and knowledge within the Church of God.

CGN does not push a specific doctrinal agenda nor do we advocate brethren redirecting their tithes or leaving their church organizations to join another particular organization. It acknowledges that what someone believes, where they attend, and where they tithe are personal decisions and should be respected. CGN’s position is that the reasons for attending or tithing to a particular organization should not preclude us from fellowshipping and actively serving one another.

It is imperative we begin a concerted effort to build community within the Church of God now. The longer we wait, the more isolated and distant we become. There is currently no apparatus to connect and inform God’s people across church organizations. Yet, there are business models specifically designed to address this issue. Networking organizations, like State Policy Network, American Marketing Association, and NY Alliance, are prevalent in the business community and offer immense benefits. We have established relationships with many church organizations and continue to work with leaders to open up dialogue between Church groups to find ways in which we can assist one another. CGN is building and cultivating such a network across the Church of God.

Despite many common goals, our collective expertise and resources often go unshared; between Church of God organization staff and between members. CGN’s network provides professional connections for both members and staff within Church of God organizations. For example, a church organization wanting to create a magazine or television program would reach out to CGN and connect with employees in other Church of God organizations, who have the knowledge and expertise and can share best practices or find other ways to assist. Likewise, members often initiate projects to serve brethren but cannot find the help necessary to sustain them. They too can reach out to CGN and be put in touch with other members who can share their knowledge and provide help. It is CGN’s goal to connect those members to the resources they need to build and sustain their efforts.

CGN is also a one-stop-shop for resources and information for God’s people. Our website includes a congregation map that shows all Church congregations listed online; a resources section with a comprehensive collection of content from across the Church of God; and a community forum where individuals can connect on a one-on-one basis.

Individuals in God’s Church have created resources like dating websites, news aggregates, and other community building projects for brethren. These projects show great enthusiasm in serving the brethren; however, these efforts prove difficult, if not impossible, to sustain due to the lack of adequate time and funding dedicated to the project.

To accomplish our mission, CGN relies on donations, not tithes, from individuals and Church organizations throughout the Church of God. Funding CGN through donations is vital to its success. It creates a sense of shared ownership in the effort, which is often missing from self-funded initiatives.

The mission of CGN is well worth a focused, sustained, and well-funded effort. This is a chance to do something truly impactful, not only for us now but for the next generation of God’s Church. Imagine the cumulative effect of several years of sustained effort working toward connecting people, promoting existing initiatives, and sharing resources. Think of the progress we could see within the Church of God community!



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About the Author

Daniel Russo is a lifelong New Yorker and currently resides in Albany, New York. He currently works as the Manager of Business Operations at Parent to Parent of NYS. He previously worked at the Empire