31 Mar 2022

New COG Fellowship Events grantee announced!

We are excited to announce our next COG Fellowship Events grantee: Leah Keim

Leah, with the help of Hillary and Joe Egert and other brethren, will be hosting an informational/fellowship event for the local community on Sunday, April 3rd at Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant in Canton, Ohio. The event will have two primary goals:

1) Provide a community for people who have started keeping the holy days and Sabbath. Leah has an extensive email list of locals who are not affiliated with any church group but are keeping the Sabbath and holy days on their own or have small groups they are meeting with.

2) To reach out to people within mainstream Christianity who are interested in learning more about what the Sabbath and Holy Days are.

Leah and the team will be inviting all of the Church of God organizations within proximity to the event as well. All are welcome!

From Leah and team:

The informational meeting will be held on April 3rd (a Sunday night) at a local restaurant to provide a neutral meeting place. The event will open with free food and live music. The theme of the talks will be on “returning to your Christian roots”. Micah Gunn will be giving the first “spiritual TED Talk” titled “A God of Celebration: The Continuity of God’s Festivals”. He will focus on describing God’s holy day plan, the future events it foreshadows, and use scripture to show how Jesus and the early Church kept these Holy Days. We will hold a Q/A after this session followed by a presentation by Amanda Miller on tradition versus scripture where she will explore the history of the traditions kept by mainstream Christianity and show how they are a collection of pagan derivatives not supported by Jesus or the apostles. This session will be followed by a second Q/A session and time for fellowship and more food.

If you’re interested in attending, please register here

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