Author: Daniel Russo

Daniel Russo is a lifelong New Yorker and currently resides in Albany, New York. He currently works as the Manager of Business Operations at Parent to Parent of NYS. He previously worked at the Empire Center for Public Policy managing their operations. Daniel obtained an undergraduate degree in American History from the State University of New York at Albany in 2013. He then received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy in 2017. He is a second generation member of the Church of God and was baptized in 2009. While he enjoys traveling and meeting brethren in various groups, his home congregation of 25+ years is an independent Westchester, New York congregation. Daniel founded the Church of God Network in October 2018 after developing the initial concept during the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles.
17 Mar 2023

In Loving Memory of Mr. Gene Hogberg

On Friday, March 10th, the Church of God lost a truly special individual: Gene Hogberg. Gene Hogberg was born October 7, 1937 on the south side of Chicago, Illinois to Swedish immigrants, Henry and Ruth Hogberg. His father was a painter for the Pullman Railroad Company and his mother a housewife. He had a very sweet […]

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13 Mar 2023

Ephesians 4 Project Grantee: UCG & The Father’s Call

One of our biggest goals is to help facilitate face-to-face connection between brethren from across the Church of God. The COG Fellowship Events program awards micro-grants to individuals and Church congregations to help sponsor fellowship events that are open to brethren from all Church of God organizations. We are incredibly excited to be able to announce […]

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08 Mar 2023

More Websites Added to COG Resource Center!

We have added more resources to our COG Resource Center! CGN’s website has well over 400 resources from around the Church of God including COG dating sites, music resources, ministries, and much more. Check them out! As a reminder, visitors can search across every page of every website listed in our Resource Center by using […]

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28 Feb 2023

New COG Development Program Grantee: Robert Onsando

Last month we awarded a second COG Development Program grant for this quarter! This newest grantee is Robert Onsando! Robert is a minister in the Church of God, International and will be using the grant funds to pay school fees for 20 students attending the Bible school he is running. The school is the Christian […]

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01 Feb 2023

New Ephesians 4 Project grantee: Anna Chesney

We are excited to announce our next Ephesians 4 grantee: Anna Chesney Anna attends with Church of God, 7th Day in Pennsylvania. Anna is working with Church of God Fellowship minister, Aaron Baker, to host a 2023 Spring Holy Day weekend open to all Church of God brethren. The Church of God Fellowship and Pleasant […]

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26 Jan 2023

CGN Heads to New Orleans!

A special thanks to Church of God Ministries, International for hosting us last weekend! It was a blast getting to meet & talk with the local brethren in New Orleans, both during the Q&A presentation and afterwards!

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16 Jan 2023

New Grantee! Meet Isis and Katie Macaraeg

We are very happy to announce our next recipient of the COG Development Program: Isis Macaraeg. She is from Davao City, Philippines and is a member of Church of God Philippines. Isis is using her grant funds for her daughter Katie’s school fees. Katie has cerebral palsy and is enrolling in a special needs school. […]

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