13 Mar 2023

Ephesians 4 Project Grantee: UCG & The Father’s Call

One of our biggest goals is to help facilitate face-to-face connection between brethren from across the Church of God. The COG Fellowship Events program awards micro-grants to individuals and Church congregations to help sponsor fellowship events that are open to brethren from all Church of God organizations. We are incredibly excited to be able to announce a grant that was awarded last year to help fund a cooperative event between the United Church of God and The Father’s Call!

Last year, UCG Pastor Troy Phelps, was awarded an Ephesians 4 Project grant to help fund a Spring Holy Day Weekend in Northern California. The idea was for UCG and The Father’s Call to observe the Last Day of Unleavened Bread together and make it an entire weekend event! The weekend included Holy Day services, a dance, and tons of fellowship. New friendships were made and old ones were rekindled.

We heard it was a powerful experience for all in attendance. We can only imagine given how powerful it was for us to witness!

Thank you to Mr. Phelps, Mr. Orchard, and all involved for helping build community within the Church of God in such a powerful way! Your examples have incalculable value. Church of God organizations OFFICIALLY working together is such a moving example for us all to follow. Can’t wait to see what meaningful relationships come from this event!