18 May 2020

Resource of the Month – Church of God Music

Church of God Music

(url: churchofgodmusic.weebly.com)

Struggling to find a piece to perform for special music? Are you a smaller congregation that would love special music, but don’t have musicians in your congregation? May’s Resource of the Month is ChurchofGodMusic.weebly.com! Church of God Music provides free access to sheet music and recordings of special music pieces from across the Church of God community. Check it out!

From website:

This website is designed to share original compositions that would be suitable for Special Music in Church of God services. My hope is that it will encourage more music at Sabbath services and make it easier for musicians to find appropriate numbers to present as well as giving a wide selection of pieces for you to enjoy listen to on the Sabbath. And of course the price is right!

The music on this site is free for you to enjoy and share with others at church services. Each of the contributors has given permission for it to be posted here.

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