Month: July 2021

27 Jul 2021
mercy effect causes of dysfunctional conflict gary petty

Dysfunctional Conflict: the Expectation of Others to Meet our Needs

This is the second blog in a series reviewing the five major core causes of dysfunctional conflict discussed in The Mercy Effect. In the last blog, we looked at one of the major causes of conflict which is our need to be emotionally healed. A second cause is based in our expectations to have others […]

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15 Jul 2021

Newest Grantee: Edward Manda

This quarter, the recipient of our Educational & Business Development grant is Edward Manda! Edward lives in Zambia and is a member of the Living Church of God. He received an impressive letter of recommendation from his local minister and we are excited for his project! Edward plans to use the grant funds to start […]

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08 Jul 2021

New Congregations Added to Map!

We’ve added over a dozen new congregations to our congregation map! Check out the 1,600+ congregations from 130+ organizations listed. See who is in your area! If you know of congregations that aren’t on our map and should be, let us know! If the congregations aren’t listed publicly online, we only ask that permission is […]

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