Month: February 2023

28 Feb 2023

New COG Development Program Grantee: Robert Onsando

Last month we awarded a second COG Development Program grant for this quarter! This newest grantee is Robert Onsando! Robert is a minister in the Church of God, International and will be using the grant funds to pay school fees for 20 students attending the Bible school he is running. The school is the Christian […]

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22 Feb 2023

Solving Our Conflict with God

It is a false concept to believe that God accepts us just the way we are and that we can then stay just the way we are. This belief doesn’t deal with the reality that we are by nature the children of wrath and the enemies of our Creator. To deal with the dysfunctional conflict […]

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01 Feb 2023

New Ephesians 4 Project grantee: Anna Chesney

We are excited to announce our next Ephesians 4 grantee: Anna Chesney Anna attends with Church of God, 7th Day in Pennsylvania. Anna is working with Church of God Fellowship minister, Aaron Baker, to host a 2023 Spring Holy Day weekend open to all Church of God brethren. The Church of God Fellowship and Pleasant […]

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