Month: February 2022

15 Feb 2022

Causes of Dysfunctional Conflict: The Need for Control

The natural human reaction to conflict is fight-or-flight. These are normal reactions when we face physical threats, but we also respond with fight-or-flight behavior when confronted with non-physical conflict. We either fight to protect our perceived rights, our self-image, or our emotional security; or we run away so that we can avoid the uncomfortable work […]

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09 Feb 2022

New businesses added to COG Marketplace

Last week, we added 19 new businesses to the COG Marketplace! COG Marketplace is a place where members of the Church of God community can come together and support the small businesses of our fellow brethren. The marketplace consists of a regularly maintained list of COG member owned businesses. All business information listed on the […]

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02 Feb 2022

New Resources added to COG Resource Center

We have added more resources to our COG Resource Center! CGN’s website has well over 400 resources from around the Church of God including children’s books, COG dating sites, music resources and more. Check out these and the many others we have listed! As a reminder, visitors can search across every page of every website […]

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