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17 Mar 2023

In Loving Memory of Mr. Gene Hogberg

On Friday, March 10th, the Church of God lost a truly special individual: Gene Hogberg. Gene Hogberg was born October 7, 1937 on the south side of Chicago, Illinois to Swedish immigrants, Henry and Ruth Hogberg. His father was a painter for the Pullman Railroad Company and his mother a housewife. He had a very sweet […]

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23 Aug 2022

3 Year Anniversary of Church of God Network!

Last week marked the 3 year anniversary of Church of God Network! It has been a productive and encouraging year. It really is so exciting meeting and speaking with brethren from around the world. It is not lost on us how much of a gift advancing this mission is. When CGN first started it consisted […]

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14 Jun 2021

Special Bulletin: The International Centre for World Peace launches!

It’s here—the world tomorrow like you’ve never seen it before!   I held my breath. Placed the headset on. And stepped into Ezekiel’s vision…in virtual reality! I saw tomorrow’s world, today. And now you can too. The International Center For World Peace (ICFWP) has created a precisely scaled 3D virtual model of the Ezekiel Temple outlined in chapters […]

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