14 Aug 2020

Resource of the Month – Feastgoer.org


Looking for a site to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, or planning your own site? Look no further than Feastgoer.org! They offer free listings for Feast sites across the United States and around the world – regardless of affiliation. They will even build and host your Feast web page if you don’t have one!

Feastgoer also lists webcasts and phone links for people who can’t attend the Feast. They have recently begun listing Spring Feast celebrations being held in various locations as well. Check them out!

From Feastgoer:

Finding a Feast site to attend has never been easier! Feast pages are organized alphabetically by state, or in the case of non-U.S. sites, by country, so you can go directly to the ones in your area. Or simply browse them all to see what each has to offer. Again this year – view sites on the map. Zoom in and click on any of the pins to get more info and/or to visit Feast web pages (or just scroll down for the list).

About the Author

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