11 Sep 2020

Resource of the Month – The History Research Projects Foundation

The History Research Projects Foundation

September’s Resource of the Month is The History Research Projects Foundation! History Research Projects (HRP) is a tax exempt foundation established for the purpose of promoting research and publications on various areas of public interest such as national origins, the history of religious groups, and similar topics. It’s Directors are:

Craig M White (President)




Kelly McDonald, Jr.




Phillip Arnold, PhD





From History Research Projects:

HRP is a Foundation and is not, will not and cannot become a religious organisation or church – because it is registered and classified as a foundation and this cannot be changed. Becoming a church is not and never will be its purpose.

The specific purpose of this corporation (HRP) is:

Purpose one: undertake historical research on a range of historical and cultural areas;
Purpose two: promote this research in publications, papers, websites etc;
Purpose three: hold public seminars to promulgate the research; and
Purpose four: publish books on historical topics.

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