10 Dec 2020

Sermon of the Month – “Work, for the Night is Coming” by Ron Dart

“Work, for the Night is Coming”

By Ron Dart

Given: October 2001

URL: borntowin.net/audio/work-for-the-night-is-coming/


Each month, Church of God Network features a “Sermon of the Month.” Our goal is to promote insightful and inspiring messages from around the Church of God. This month our feature sermon is “Work, for the Night is Coming” by Ron Dart, founder of Christian Educational Ministries and the Born to Win radio program.

This message focuses on the book of Nehemiah and the parallels for God’s Church. While there are several more political statements (this message was given the month after the attacks of September 11th, 2001), pay particularly close attention to the remarks concerning the Church around the 13:50 minute mark. There are striking similarities between this sentiment and the founding principles of Church of God Network. We as a Church must be willing to engage in the meaningful work of healing our divisions and do so with singular focus! We must also confront the parts of ourselves that have helped maintain this divided and scattered state.

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Daniel Russo is a lifelong New Yorker and currently resides in Albany, New York. He currently works as the Manager of Business Operations at Parent to Parent of NYS. He previously worked at the Empire