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16 Dec 2021

My Calling & Time in RCG – with Guest Carisa Rehbein

Check out other CGN Podcast Episodes     Transcript: 00:10 Hello, everybody, welcome to the church God network Podcast. Today we wanted to pre record the introduction to this episode for a number of reasons. So today, myself and fellow CGM board member Chantelle West are going to be sitting down with Carisa Rehbein, who’s […]

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21 Oct 2021

CGN Episode 6: Self-Forgetfulness (Daniel Russo & Chantelle West)

  Check out other CGN Podcast Episodes     Transcript:  00:11 Welcome to the church of God network podcast everybody. My name is Daniel Russo. I’m here with Chantelle West fellow CGN Board Member. And we are here to talk about self forgetfulness. So Chantelle and I actually haven’t had a chance to talk about […]

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06 May 2021

CGN Podcast – Episode 1: Intro (Daniel Russo & Stephen Russo)

    Transcript: 00:10 Everybody, welcome to the church of god network podcast, the intro episode. My name is Daniel Russo. I am president and board chairman of church of god network. I’m here with my brother, Stephen Russo, our chief editor howdy everybody. And today we’re just gonna give you some basic information about […]

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