• Tim Reynolds

    Tim Reynolds graduated in 2013 from Park University in Parkville, Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Geography. He has worked in the software engineering field since then. Tim grew up in Missouri, and now lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area. He currently works as a product engineer at Ramsey Solutions where they […]

  • Corbin Rose

    Corbin Rose has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Communication from a small University in Michigan. After working at IBM as a programmer for several years, he decided to move to Cincinnati to be closer to the headquarters of the United Church of God, where he is able to serve in music, Sign Language […]

  • Chantelle West

    Chantelle West was raised in Texas, and though she wasn’t born there, still maintains she is a proud native nonetheless! She’s a professional portrait photographer, freelance content creator for small businesses in her local area, a story teller and people-person at heart. COGWA Fort Worth is her beloved home congregation of 25 years, where she’s […]

  • Isaac Garcia

    Isaac Garcia has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Ambassador College as well as a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Northern Colorado. He attends Church of God congregations around Austin, Texas. Isaac is the Founder and CEO of SalesInsider, a talent marketplace for SaaS Sales Professionals. Prior to SalesInsider, has co-founded and […]

  • Daniel Russo

    Daniel Russo is a lifelong New Yorker and currently resides in Albany, New York. He currently works as the Manager of Business Operations at Parent to Parent of NYS. He previously worked at the Empire Center for Public Policy managing their operations. Daniel obtained an undergraduate degree in American History from the State University of […]