11 Mar 2020

New Data Added to Site!

Data for 76 new congregations have been added to Church of God Network’s Congregation Map and 35 new resources were added to the COG Resource Center. The 35 new resources include numerous blogs, study resources, YouTube channels, and a podcast. Church of God Network now lists over 280 resources from around the Church of God!

Our Congregation Map now lists 1,550 congregations from 109 Church organizations in 93 different countries. Table 1 breaks down the 76 new congregations, Table 2 breaks down all congregations by country, and Table 3 breaks down all United States congregations by state.

CGN will regularly add new congregations and resources to the website, as we continue to bolster an already robust dataset for the Church of God community. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check the website regularly to see when new data are added.







About the Author

Daniel Russo is a lifelong New Yorker and currently resides in Albany, New York. He currently works as the Manager of Business Operations at Parent to Parent of NYS. He previously worked at the Empire